Frankfurt DeFi meetups

In the spring of 2022, four guys launched a series of events about blockchain use cases in Frankfurt. These people were Marcel Grimm, Lucas Daniel Schmitt, Marc Anders, and Michael Wutzke.

The idea for the DeFi blockchain events has been to bring together people and organizations on site in Frankfurt to network, exchange experiences, and learn. For this reason, the meetups were not streamed or recorded. At the blockchain events there were not only exciting contacts to be made, but also drinks and food were offered free of charge. Sponsoring (food, drinks) was provided by companies presenting at an event and the space for generously provided by TechQuartier.

Four events have been held since spring 2022:

  • Market data and the Chainlink ecosystem by BLOCKSIZE CAPITAL
  • Access for institutions to web3 and yields by Blockdaemon
  • DeFi 2.0 cross-chain exchanges by SOLA-X
  • Blockchain initiatives and smart derivative contracts by DZ Bank

Within a few months, the team of organizers met with great interest among the participants. There were 168 registrations for the last blockchain event in December 2022.

Since May 2023 the events are becoming an ecosystem under the name of Finance Yard Рbringing together people from traditional finance, blockchains, and compliance.